Bike Safety/Skills and Tune


Timing: Late September/Early October

Needs Volunteers: Yes

We usually have a bike swap/donate with this event.  Meaning if you bring a bike, you can take one someone else brought.  Any left at the end are donated.  We also have various bike skills games for the kids to try, which generally enforce good bike safety practices.  The local Bike shop Bethany Bike Repair has been there in the past to help do minor tune ups to bikes as time permits.   There is also a raffle for something like a new helmet and small prizes for just showing up.

A few volunteers are needed to run the games and generally oversee the event.

Family Movie Night


Timing: Last Friday of the month, most months

Needs Volunteers: Yes

The BSPTO screens a kid friendly movie in the gym.  We take the some of the wall padding and put it on the floor for the kids who often bring sleeping bags or blankets and pillows to lay on while they watch.  We have metal chairs for the parents, though many bring more comfortable camping chairs.  Most times we have “The hot dog guy” in the cafe selling… you guessed it… hot dogs and other snacks like popcorn and candy as well as water.  But he can’t always make it, so be sure to check the weekly bobcat newsletter to see if he will be there.


The BSPTO board and the principe usually cover the AV equipment.  But help is needed setting up the chairs and setting out the wall padding.  After the movie help is needed putting away the chairs and the wall padding as well as sweeping up after the kids.


Run by: BSPTO

Timing: Late September and/or early October.

Needs Volunteers: Yes

The Read-A-Thon campaign is our fall fundraiser. Similar to our Spring Jog-A-Thon, kids can get family & friends to ‘sponsor’ their reading efforts. Students track the number of minutes they read during a two-week period, and sponsors can donate at a per-minute rate or a flat amount. Donations to help the school are always great, but the main goal is to get the kids reading and make it fun!

Here are electronic copies of the materials:

After the two-week reading period, students collect donations from their sponsors.

If you or your child’s sponsors work for Intel/Nike please check out the Company Matching page for info on the easiest way to get your donation matched which also allows you to use a credit card.

Otherwise you can donate with cash, check (made out to BSPTO) or PayPal (They take a % though)


Volunteers are needed to plan this campaign usually starting in the spring.  Prizes need to be figured out and such.  In the fall help is needed to prepare the packets that go home with the kids.  After, help is needed to tally up the returned folders and distribute prizes.


Back to School Night (For Parents)

Run by: School

Timing: shortly after the first day of school

Needs Volunteers: No

This is a parent only event.  Back to school night starts with words from the principle in the gym.  The principle will talk about any changes for the new school year that parent need to know about.  It is followed by two meet the teacher sessions in your child’s classroom.  There are two in case you have 2 children.  Basically the teacher will give a presentation about how he/she does things, and probably leave time for questions.

Back to School Picnic and Supply Drop Off

Run By: School

Timing: Approximately a week before school starts

Needs Volunteers: No

This event is centered around dropping off school supplies in students’ classroom.  It is a first chance to meet the teacher and usually happens only a day or so after you find out who your child’s teacher will be.  The picnic gives parents and children a chance to socialize and find out who is in who’s class as well as share in the general excitement that school is starting again.