March 2019

BSPTO March 2019 Meeting Highlights

Upcoming Events:

Dinner night out Bethany Pub House 3/17 all day

Family Movie Night 3/22 – Ralph/Spiderman/Popping (vote on facebook) Possibly starting early… 5:30 open, 6:00 show time.

Green Team:

SOLVE Beach clean up currently have 51 RSVP’s to join. 3/23

Earth week: lining up presentations for Earth week.

Student green team still collecting plastics for the TREX challenge

Milk carton contest… design a thing, make it, plant in it, bring back for voting. The bring back and voting is coming up.

Project updates:

Applied for high efficiency lights for the building, had a representative out who did a full survey. Hoping for it to happen this summer.

Found a sidewalk improvement project, that lets us submit some of our walking paths for possible improvement. Discussed which to submit and will do so.

Event updates:

Variety show was a great success. Kids had a great time, and somehow not one kid had to skip because they were sick. Also came in under budget, and raffled off a scooter for additional fund savings.

Biscuits with Beauties was changed to Biscuits at Bethany, and then due to a gas main collision Chick Fil A could not make the biscuits, a last minute rally got donuts from Krispy Kreme, which Chick Fil A physically went and paid for at 11pm, so it because Donuts with Dudettes. It ended up being great.

Dinner night out was very successful at McMenamins generated about $1500 for the PTO.

Green Team

TVWD Tualatin valley water district assembly for some grades that hadn’t already had it. Topic was water conservation.

Book swap/Eye glasses/cosmetics – went well, some extra books went to the school and some to NW children’s outreach.

Bike safety event had decent attendance, some bikes went home and some got donated at the end.

RFFs: (Request for funds)

Regular RFF’s only done every other month

Emergency RFF approved to pay for the Donuts for Biscuits At Bethany. See above for what happened. But Chick Fil A physically paid for it the night of so funds shouldn’t be needed.

Help needed

Bobcat blast/Jog-a-thon: Needs skit material for the opening assembly. Also need help with individual tasks like getting otter pops, picking up pizza…

Read-a-Thon needs a new chair to lead the committee of existing volunteers.

February 2019

BSPTO February 2019 Meeting Highlights

Upcoming Events:

Variety show Feb 22

Dinner night out at McMenamins oak hills brew pub 12th.

Family Movie Night None in January due to variety show

Green Team:

Book swap event.

Project updates:

Emergency supply bucket additions: Based on learnings from the experience at Stoller we had some items to potentially purchase for the classroom buckets. We discussed them. The RFF will come in two months.

Found a sidewalk improvement project, that lets us submit some of our walking paths for possible improvement. Discussed which to submit and will do so.

Event updates:

Jog-A-Thon budget presented and approved, same as last year.

Variety show going great and looking good.

Green Team

Collected 26 car seats and a pack-n-play for recycle/reuse

27 people showed up for the tree planting, planted 1500 plants

Plastic collection getting huge amounts of plastics to be recycled

Milk carton contest under way.

RFFs: (Request for funds)

Passed – $400 – Biscuits with beauties event

Passed – $421 – Filler for weighted lap pads

Passed – $479 – kinder field trip extra expense and reptile man visit for animal lesson

Passed – $480 – Library bean bags

Passed – $2247 – Gaga pit boards – composite

Passed – $4850 – New Bethany school sign.

Passed – $399 – Reading intervention program learning A-Z Ras plus

Passed – $468 – Butterflies

Help needed

Jog-A-Thon will need additional help for sure.

January 2019

BSPTO January 2019 Meeting highlights

Upcoming Events:

Dinner night Feb 12th 5-close Oak Hills McMenamins

Art Lit training 1/10

Family Movie 1/25 – Incredibles two

Project updates:

Playground – FIP (Facilities improvement request) entered with district.

Gaga Pit – FIP approved by district.  Rff for wood coming next month.

New School sign – Hoping to get this done this school year.

Green Team

Lighting system controls – District has some funding to update lighting systems to LED’s and such to reduce power consumption.  Will need further PTO funds to do it completely.

Event updates:

Variety show is going great.  Got a good crew of volunteers.  Already have 20 acts signed up to audition.

Donuts with Dudes was a huge success. Sooo many people.

Green Team

Still doing weekly walking school bus.

Student green team collecting any stretchy plastic as part of a TREX challenge.  Drop off in the lobby.

Car seat/booster/play pen recycling event around Jan 25th

Doing another tree planting, contact us if you want to join in. 1/26. 8:45am.  Free tasty stuff early on.

RFFs: (Request for Funds)

Off month.  RFFs only done every other month

Help needed

Nothing specific this month

December 2018

BSPTO December 2018 Meeting highlights

Upcoming Events:

Dinner night None for December

Donuts with Dudes 12/14

Family Movie None this month due to Christmas holiday

Project updates:

New School sign – Got a quote, and can transition the marque FIP to this so we won’t have to wait a year.

Gaga pit – working with the district about install.  Realized the original request didn’t include money for the wood.  So going to have to get an RFF in for wood.  But there are options… regular wood, treated, composite, pre cut and drilled composite.  Cost goes up a lot from regular to pre-cut.

School supplies – The company doesn’t send specific brands, and that may be a problem.  The pay the teachers direct that the 3rd and 5th grades did seems to be working well, so we are hoping more teachers will choose to do that.

Snack Pantry food drive – Got tons of food.  BSPTO offered to fill in any gaps in types of food if needed.

Bereavement Kropilak – Got some checks made out to the BSPTO, we have to purchase an actual item with that per rules.  So working on that.


Green Team

Steel cow – Still working on this, but our current milk vendor won’t work with us.  The Canby vendor is 60 miles away, so that would cut into any environmental impact savings.

Solar Panels – They would have to be a retrofit, likely on the covered area since it is newer, and likely cost about $150k for 50kw, which would only save about $5k a year.  Meaning 30 year payback… Doesn’t sound like a good plan at the moment.  Other options would be power reduction efforts, like new LED lights and such…  Going to pursue that.

Solar panels – Not currently possible due to extreme cost and no incentives.  Still looking for possible grants though.

Holiday light and battery recycling is started already.

Green Team did a tree planting event, had 25 people from 8 families.  Planted over 750 plants.  Plan to do it again January 26th.

Walking school bus start delayed due to Bobcat not going out.  Should start as soon as one goes out.

Event updates:

Diner night out at pizzacato was one of our best returns.

Variety show planning continues, and is going well.

Green Team

Used Toy drive

Bike swap/safety event will happen in march.

Planning for a Tree planting event December 1st

Planning for a solve beach clean up in the spring

RFFs: (Request for funds)

PASSED offline – Stoller asked for funds for a disco ball for his bowling unit. Board approved offline

PASSED – $160 for donuts with Dudes event

PASSED – $975.95 for new AV equipment to replace the mixer and get the needed cables.

Help needed

Variety Show – Need helpers for all sorts of things at auditions, rehearsals, and show night.