School Garden

What is the Bethany School Garden Project?

Primarily designed to support the academic achievement of Bethany Elementary students, the Bethany School Learning Garden Project also hopes to support our community’s desire to foster environmental awareness in our youth and sustainable practices in our school’s operations. Coordinated and administered by volunteers, the garden aims to:

  • Provide students with the opportunity to grow and eat fresh produce
  • Enhance the curriculum by connecting it to the natural world
  • Expose students to hands-on environmental education
  • Provide students with an opportunity for service project

How will a garden do all that?


  • Holding garden produce taste testing events
  • Offering students and teachers interactive tours of the garden that help students make associations relevant to their learning targets
  • Establishing the first ever after school Garden Club
  • Inviting students to grow, harvest and deliver garden produce to the local Fork It Over food bank
  • …and so much more!

How can I volunteer?

There are a wide range of skills and abilities needed to keep a school learning garden alive. Here are just a few of categories of activities currently underway where your energy could be put to use:

  • Gardening Plan, plant, weed, and maintain the garden.
  • Composting Set up compost bins, maintain right mix of greens and browns, and rotate the compost.
  • Volunteer Recruit and orient people to the larger garden project and keep our volunteer rosters full.

Student Outreach Organize food tastings, essay contests and garden tours that help keep the students engaged with the garden and ensures the garden project incorporates students’ ideas as well.

Garden Club Coordinate and teach lessons about healthy food, life cycles, composting and much more to Bethany School students.

If any of that sounds up your alley or you have some ideas to share, please contact Kimberly Hawk or Elizabeth Staly.