Volunteering and Background Checks

Volunteers Making a Difference!

The volunteers at Bethany who contribute their time and talent make
a significant difference to our school and are part of what makes it so
special. We invite you to get involved!

How To Get Involved

The MyVolunteerPage.com page is the hub for volunteering.  Details on that are below.  It allows you to select what type of things you would like to volunteer for and to actually sign up to help with specific things.  You can also read our volunteer opportunities page for more information. If you have questions or just want to discuss options for volunteering with a real person, email our Volunteer Coordinator.

Security/Background Checks

The school district requires all volunteers to complete a background check. The school moved to a new volunteer system in April 2016 and volunteers need to get setup on the new MyVolunteerPage system.  Getting setup there will walk you through getting the background check.  More information is available on the District website here.

During the month of September, it can take a couple of weeks to process the background checks, otherwise it’s just a couple of days. Please note that ALL volunteers must complete a background check, including Grandma who may just be visiting for a week, but wants to help at the Jog-A-Thon or Field Day while here. Background checks are not required for VISITORS who are only observing an event and not interacting with students.


Each year you should log in to the MyVolunteerPage.com system and update your profile to let us know your volunteer preferences and setup which class your child is in.

You can log on anytime to see the available volunteer spots for events or in the classroom, and sign up.

When volunteering on campus, please check into the office to get your name badge and log in to the MyVolunteerPage.com system to start the clock on your volunteering.  You can use the volunteer computer in the office, or your phone to log in.  ALL volunteers are required to wear their name badge while on campus. Reusable laminated badges are made for volunteers after they have passed the background check and kept in the office. Logging into the computer allows staff to identify who is on campus in the event of an emergency.  It also tracks volunteer hours which can be very valuable for some grants that we or the teachers apply for.  Don’t forget to log in and stop the clock when you leave.