Calendar Info

Our calendar is a google calendar.  You can get access to our calendar on your phone.  The same is true of the school and district calendars.

Here are the urls you would need to add them.

Bethany PTO:

Bethany Elementary School:

Beaverton School District:

You will see some overlap between the calendars of course as often the same event will be on all of them.

If you don’t know how to add a calendar to your phone, here is some help.

Iphone  NOTE: for IOS 11, step 2 is now “Accounts & Passwords”

Android Easiest to do on a computer, some but not all calendar apps on your phone let you add calendars, but the method varies.

For android at least, if you add it on your computer, you most likely will have to get onto your phone, go to your calendar, and either make the calendar visible, or turn on sync’ing for that calendar.  Also be aware it won’t show up on your phone instantly… might take a few minutes or so.  The methods will vary by what app you are using to view your calendar, but it will probably be in the settings somewhere.