BSPTO Meetings

The PTO meets in the school library (zoom for 2021-2022) on the last Tuesday of each month during the school year at 7pm.  November and December are usually a week early to avoid the holidays.  We often come about 15 minutes early (when in person) to socialize a bit, and there are snacks and decaf coffee. We usually finish at or before 8:30.  Be sure to check the bobcat newsletter of the calendar as sometimes we have to shift the day or time.

Minutes and Agendas are posted sometime before the next meeting.

What we do in the meeting

  • Principle report
    • General update on what is happening in the school.
    • Update on getting district approval for any projects that need it.
  • Officer reports
    • Updates on events and activities that have recently happened, or are being planned.
  • RFF’s (requests for funds) (every other meeting starting in October)
    • Discussed and voted on by everyone present.
  • Open forum
    • Anything anyone present wants to discuss.