Dinner Night Out

Dinner Night Out is a fundraiser where a local businesses agree to give a portion of thier proceeds from people associated with Bethany Elementary for a period of time.

Usually it is a restaurant that agrees if anyone brings a flyer or mentions Bethany elementary on a specific night, 10% or more of the sales will go to the BSPTO.  It can also be a store.

This is a great way to channel money to the BSPTO, and you will often see other Bethany Elementary parents and kids you may know at these businesses.

Below are flyers for Dinner night out’s what are already setup.

October 12th – Sweet Tomatoes

November 12th-17th – Piccolo Mondo Toys

December 13th – Bethany Public House

January 12th – Chipotle

February 12th – Chick-Fil-A (must use their app)

March 18th – Bethany Public House

April 19th – Monkey Subs (no flyer needed)