September 2019

BSPTO September 2019 Meeting Highlights

Items of note:

Bylaw change proposed. Currently the bylaws specify that PTO meetings are held at 7pm on the first Tuesday of the month. The proposed change is to not specify the day and time.

Day and time for the PTO meeting may shift as the principle will have difficulty attending in the future.

Upcoming Events:

Dinner night out 9/19 – Panda express (bring flyer)

Replacing Family movie night with Family Game night this month. 9/27

Read-A-Thon 10/5 – 10/18 Packets sent home 9/30 – Flyer

Geoquest starts 9/25

Back to school night 9/17

Tae Kwon Do – Wednesdays starting 10/2 – Flyer

Safety academy – after school 10/14 – 10/18 (5th grade only)

Walk/Bike/Roll to school 10/2

Green Team:

Milk carton rinsing happening already

Planning meeting 9/16 2:45-4:30

Working to setup Halloween custom swap for last September.

Project updates:

Casey got the crosswalk painted so now we can see it.

Green Team:

Beach cleanup – 38 people attended.

Event updates:

None this month

Green Team

District decided the gem-tex box was not okay, and had it removed. There is a similar box in the office depot parking lot nearby.

RFFs: (Request for funds)

Only done every other month.

Help needed


Family game night needs volunteers to help setup, run and clean up.

Read-a-thon needs help with various tasks.

Volunteers to hand out little prizes for kids who walk/bike/roll to school on 10/2

Safety Academy needs volunteers to help supervise the children (only 5th graders)

Green team needs milk carton rinsing volunteers

Haunted Hallway needs volunteers to help setup the hallway before the movie.