April 2019

BSPTO April 2019 Meeting Highlights

Upcoming Events:V

Dinner night out None this month as it is rather full already.

Instead of movie night 4/26 might have family play night. TBD

Art Night 4/4

Jog-A-Thon 5/3

Green Team:

4/14 Farmington gardens fundraiser – 10% of purchase donated back.

Project updates:

Casey got the crosswalk painted so now we can see it.

Green Team:

Beach cleanup – 38 people attended.

Event updates:

Dinner night out at Bethany Public House netted about $150.

Jog-A-Thon – 5/3 – Goal is $38k, working on what the school reward will be for hitting the goal. Ice cream trip will be to McBee’s this year. We got a showing of the various prizes.

Read-A-Thon – Budget presented. Talking with the school about trading regular dollars for scholastics bucks ($1 -> 3 scholastics bucks). Allows us to get more books for our money. Budget is pretty much the same as last year. Will need help to inventory the books we have, and also to shop for new books to give.

Green Team

Walk, bike and scooter to school on Monday of Earth Week.

Earth week lunch presentations

Sharing table: Some kids have to take specific foods due to policies around free and reduced lunches. But many don’t eat those items. And many a wrapped or what not that make them safe to share. So green team is working to setup a table for kids to put those items where other kids can have them if they want. This is to avoid throwing away food.

RFFs: (Request for funds)

Passed – $1600 for additional emergency supplies for the classroom buckets. Things like toilet lid, toilet paper, some candy and games. These are for dealing with a possible extended lockdowns like happened at Stoller.

Help needed

Need to fill various positions in the PTO. Like board, committee head, and just general helpers for specific events.

Jog-A-Thon will need additional help for sure. Ask Kim.

Read-A-Thon will need help to inventory books, and then to shop for what we need.