December 2018

BSPTO December 2018 Meeting highlights

Upcoming Events:

Dinner night None for December

Donuts with Dudes 12/14

Family Movie None this month due to Christmas holiday

Project updates:

New School sign – Got a quote, and can transition the marque FIP to this so we won’t have to wait a year.

Gaga pit – working with the district about install.  Realized the original request didn’t include money for the wood.  So going to have to get an RFF in for wood.  But there are options… regular wood, treated, composite, pre cut and drilled composite.  Cost goes up a lot from regular to pre-cut.

School supplies – The company doesn’t send specific brands, and that may be a problem.  The pay the teachers direct that the 3rd and 5th grades did seems to be working well, so we are hoping more teachers will choose to do that.

Snack Pantry food drive – Got tons of food.  BSPTO offered to fill in any gaps in types of food if needed.

Bereavement Kropilak – Got some checks made out to the BSPTO, we have to purchase an actual item with that per rules.  So working on that.


Green Team

Steel cow – Still working on this, but our current milk vendor won’t work with us.  The Canby vendor is 60 miles away, so that would cut into any environmental impact savings.

Solar Panels – They would have to be a retrofit, likely on the covered area since it is newer, and likely cost about $150k for 50kw, which would only save about $5k a year.  Meaning 30 year payback… Doesn’t sound like a good plan at the moment.  Other options would be power reduction efforts, like new LED lights and such…  Going to pursue that.

Solar panels – Not currently possible due to extreme cost and no incentives.  Still looking for possible grants though.

Holiday light and battery recycling is started already.

Green Team did a tree planting event, had 25 people from 8 families.  Planted over 750 plants.  Plan to do it again January 26th.

Walking school bus start delayed due to Bobcat not going out.  Should start as soon as one goes out.

Event updates:

Diner night out at pizzacato was one of our best returns.

Variety show planning continues, and is going well.

Green Team

Used Toy drive

Bike swap/safety event will happen in march.

Planning for a Tree planting event December 1st

Planning for a solve beach clean up in the spring

RFFs: (Request for funds)

PASSED offline – Stoller asked for funds for a disco ball for his bowling unit. Board approved offline

PASSED – $160 for donuts with Dudes event

PASSED – $975.95 for new AV equipment to replace the mixer and get the needed cables.

Help needed

Variety Show – Need helpers for all sorts of things at auditions, rehearsals, and show night.