November 2018

BSPTO November 2018 Meeting highlights

Upcoming Events:

Dinner night out 11/13 pizzicato

Piccolo Mondo Fundraiser 11/12 – 11/17 – 15% of proceeds. Mention Bethany elementary.

Family Movie None this month due to thanksgiving holiday

Project updates:

School supplies – Talking to a company about have a package for each grade that parents can just order.

Snack Pantry food drive – Lots of donations, going very well.

Green Team

Solar panels – Not currently possible due to extreme cost and no incentives.  Still looking for possible grants though.

Milk carton rinsing now happening every day.

Steel cow – Seems to be growing on the district rep, chance of happening improving.

Weekly walking school bus coming soon.

Event updates:

Haunted Hallway was a huge success, earned just under $1000 for the fifth grade party.

Diner night out at mcbees did really well, don’t have a number just yet.

Read-a-thon made $21,000 and came in under budget

Green Team

Used Toy drive

Costume swap was great, left overs were donated

Bike swap/safety event will happen in march.

Planning for a Tree planting event December 1st

Planning for a solve beach clean up in the spring

RFFs: (Request for funds)

Next month (every other month only)

Help needed

Variety Show – Need helpers for all sorts of things at auditions, rehearsals, and show night.