October 2018

BSPTO October 2018 Meeting highlights

Upcoming Events:

Tae Kwon Do Tuesdays in October.

Dinner night out 10/24 and 10/25 McBee’s

Read-a-thon   9/24 – 10/5

Book character dress up day  10/5 (no masks, no weapons)

National walk and bike to school day 10/10

Fall book fair 10/19 – 10/25

Haunted Hallway 10/19

Family Movie night 10/19 will be Hotel Transylvania 3, Nightmare Before Christmas

Art List training  11/1

Project updates:

Digital Marquee – Can’t be digital because it is within 250 feet of residential property lines.

School signage – talking about possibly updating the Bethany school signs, as they are very old.

Playground update – Filed FIP with the district (it takes a while for that to get assigned someone, so filing early), heard about a grant that we can apply for that might get us matching funds.  FIP = Facility Improvement Project

Office remodel – Date set for December break.

Steel cow for milk in the lunch room – Trying to get into a pilot program that will fund it.  Also trying to get the district to OK it.

Event updates:

Diner night out at Bethany pub house raised $110

National walk and bike to school day:

Prizes ready… Boomer will make an appearance.

Track replace and/or repair (long term, starting planning for doing in a 2-5 years)

Green Team – silverware drive complete and successful

Green Team – adopt-a-road – 11 volunteers took only an hour

RFFs: (Request for funds)

PASSED – Snack closet: $1500 – snacks for children who consistently don’t have food for snack due to difficult circumstances

PASSED – Kinder educational items: $541 – Various items to be used to help improve kinder’s fine motor skills which have dropped over recent years.

PASSED – 5th grade field trips: $540 – extra funds in addition to $400 transferred from biztown to support several small field trips (field studies).  They had a very detailed list of field studies that was reviewed.


Safe routes to school presentation

PASSED – 5th grade teachers decided not to do biztown this year for various reason.  Instead they want to do several smaller field trips (field studies).  They asked for the biztown budget of $400 to be reallocate to this effort in addition to an RFF for additional funds seen in the RFF section.

Help needed

morning – 7:45 to 10:30 10/15 – Read-A-Thon envelope processing

10/18 – help run the BSPTO book store (kids get books for participating)

Read-A-Thon needs a new chair next year

10/27 budget audit contact treasurer@bspto.org

Book fair helpers

Curbside helper

Garden Club Contact: volunteer.coordinator@bspto.org