Timing: The last instructional Wednesday of each month

Needs Volunteers: Yes

NOTE: As of the 2019-2020 school year the school has asked us not to print out the maps for students at school.  So you will have to print them from here.  Some of the countries maps still have last years dates on them.  We will fix that soon.  If you don’t have a printer, your child can ask their teacher to make a copy.

GeoQuest parent info letter


Grades K-3 (Countries)

September:  North and Central America

October: Middle East and part 1 of Asia

November: Asia Part 2

December: South America

January: North Africa

February: Southern Africa

March: Northern Europe

April: Southern Europe

May: Australia and Oceania

Grades 4-5 (US States and Canadian Provinces)

September:  Western US

October: US Mountain Region

November: Midwest US

December: Southern US

January: US New England

February: Canada Part 1

March: Canada Part 2

Geography Quest is a specially designed geography-learning tool for Bethany students. K-3rd grade students learn the world’s independent countries by continent, the same way that the Beaverton School District teaches all 6th graders. Students in 4th and 5th grade learn the names of the US States and their capitals along with Canadian provinces.  For a bonus, a list World Wonders or Landmarks is also included.

The map packet includes a labeled map, blank study map and a list of names to be learned. The names are sorted into 5 levels. It is up to you and your child to determine how many levels to learn.  For any who master all 5 levels, a list of world wonders or landmarks is also included as a bonus.

Studying the maps each month occurs at home. There may be some studying during Technology through fun, interactive games or in the school library via books.

Each month on Quiz Day students will show a volunteer what they learned. The students will be given a blank map, then asked to point at each country, state, or province as the volunteer reads the name.  After identifying a state they will be asked the capital.   For the World Wonders or Landmarks, the Volunteer will point at the picture and ask for the name.  Volunteers are parents who encourage all students to the best of their ability.

There is a parent letter that is sent home with each student. They are also posted below

Support GeoQuest!

We need lots of volunteers on Quiz Day.   GeoQuest quiz days are usually the last instructional Wednesday of the month from 8:10-10:50am.  Check the calendar for exact dates.  And if your kiddo has one of the early lunches you can hang around and join them for lunch.

GeoQuest welcomes:

  • Parents and guardians
  • Grandparents, older siblings, aunts and uncles, family friends

Learning resources

Help your child get prepared for GeoQuest Quiz Day. Practice with your child at home – a few minutes a couple times a week is all you need.

There are many ways to help kids learn such as:

Points System

  • Each child (Grades K-5) will have the opportunity to earn points for their classroom.
  • The classroom with the most points for the month will get the grade-level trophy.
  • Children will only compete with their grade level.
  • The classroom that earns the trophy the most often will get a pizza party at the end of the
  • Those students that get at least 6 points individually on each quiz will get a prize at the end of the year.
  • (Any make up tests will be added to the individuals score not the classroom score.)

Point System Breakdown:
1—attending GeoQuest and try to learn the countries.
2—attending and passing Level 1
3—attending and passing Level 1,2
4—attending and passing Level 1,2,3
5—attending and passing Level 1,2,3,4
6—attending and passing Level 1,2,3,4,5
7—attending and passing Level 1,2,3,4,5, and WONDERS OF THE WORLD

If you have any further questions about GeoQuest please contact our GeoQuest lead at