New AV equipment

Approved $977.95 – replaces the mixer with a device that can be controlled remotely with an IPAD.  It will have all the needed inputs for devices we would want to plug in.  The company providing is Odyssey productions, he is waiving installation, and offer free lifetime service if there are any issues. This would be used for Family Movie night, Variety show, Gym class, morning music, and music classes/performances.

Kinder education items

The kinder teachers asked for funds to purchase a variety of education items designed to improve the children’s find motor skills.  Those skills have been noticed to be dropping in recent years, so this effort is being made to reverse the decline.  The BSPTO approved the funds to purchase the requested items.


5th grade field trip change

The 5th grade teachers have decided that biztown is no longer the best option for the 5th grade students.  They asked to replace it with several smaller trips called field studies.  The BSPTO approved transferring the funds for Biztown to these new field studies and approved additional funds to support them.

Snack Pantry

Mrs. Twellman requested funds for a snack pantry.  This is aimed at children who for various reasons don’t have a snack to eat each day.  Access is controlled by Mrs. Twellman.  Teachers are allowed to take snacks for kids in need as well.  The BSPTO funded the rack, and launched a successful snack drive to fill it up.

Bottle fill stations

The parent green team drove an effort to get the drinking fountains in the building upgraded to also include bottle filling stations for the kids reusable water bottles.  They were able to get it attached to a plumbing upgrades the district was already doing for free (to the BSPTO).  Gotta love free. 🙂